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Welcome to
Araya Chiropractic Wellness Center

Office of Dr. Rick Araya,Chiropractor
in West Hartford, CT

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Adjusting hours

Yes, Just drop in, all week long!

Dr Toi is adjusting all day Monday!
Dr Rick is adjusting the rest of the week.
Tuesday 3 to 6!
Wed 10 to 1 and 3 to 6
Friday 10 to 1 and 3 to 6
Saturday 9 to 12

Covid comments:
Hi! Stop by! We have a nice system going in the office. We have been following guidelines since last March 2020! We never closed a day!

Remember... Stay flexible, please! and tell me what you need to be comfortable! I will adapt for you.

The good news is that adjustments only take a few minutes!

Mask rules are changing so stay flexible and continue to do what is good for you. I am following your lead! If you are masked then I am masking when I am close to you! I do take my mask off when no one is here and to chat from a with a little physical distance.

We can re-spray the tables in front of you if that helps your comfort level, even though surfaces are not a considered a vector so much anymore.

We will make special arrangements for you just ask! Please communicate what you need! Don't just stay silent and unhappy. I will do whatever it takes to get you and your family the care they need. Talk to me!

Hugs, Dr Rick

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Dr. Rick Araya
West Hartford Chiropractor

CT Lic N0 1377
legal name
John Richard Araya

Araya Chiropractic
Wellness Center

39 Talcott Road
West Hartford, CT 06110
860-561-5433 (LIFE)